Roy Revant




Human, Registered Citizen


Solty Revant - Adoptive Daughter

Rita Revant - Daughter


Marksmanship, Quick Thinking, Fast Reflexes


197 cm (6'5½")

Hair Color

Dark grey

Eye Color


Voice Actors

Japanese: Jouji Nakata

English: Christopher Sabat

Roy Revant is the main protagonist of the series and the adoptive father of Solty Revant, as well as the biological father of Rita Revant, or Rose. Roy is a Hunter who works under Miranda Maverick of Maverick Hunters Agency. He is a former cop who tore the criminal underworld apart on his hunt to find his missing daughter, Rita, who disappeared in the Blast Fall.

Spoiler warning:

Personality: Roy is a grim, aloof and cynical man, you can see why with what he has been though. He is blunt and keeps to himself. At times he seems merciless with how he captures bounties. However it is later revealed that he is taking his anger out on the criminals because of the loss of his daughter.

Later in the series after being around Solty, Roy starts to open up more. So he discovers his daughter is still alive, only that she was mutated in the blastfall Within that episode or the next few he does not have a chance to talk to the woman who was his daughter before she gets killed. After that he delves back and relives losing his daughter again.

At the end of the series he returns to his happy self before the blastfall that killed his wife and daughter.