Solty Rei
Solty Rei


15-20 in appearance

approximately 200+


Genuine, Registered Citizen, Three Computers


Roy Revant- Adoptive Father

Rita Revant- Adoptive Sister


capable of resonating her punches to make objects shatter, resistant to damage, heightened senses, levitation


153 cm (5'0½")

Hair Color


Eye Color


Voice Actors

Seiyu(Japan): Momoko Saito

English: Carrie Savage

Solty Revant is the titular character and the deuteragonist of the series; Solty is a Genuine, or someone with full prosthetics. She has green hair and green eyes, she first appears wearing only a gray cloak. She is then seen running and jumping atop rooftops as Silvia Ban and Celica Yayoi approach her in their RUC battle suits. After a quick thrashing, Solty jumps off the edge of the building and disappears into the night. A few days later she is seen traversing the city while watching a bird fly, distracted she hits her head on a steel girder and falls to the ground unconscious, she unintentionally saved Roy Revant by blocking Gray Walker's attack with her body.

The next morning she comes to in Roy's apartment with no memories. Later it is revealed that she is really Dike (Pronounced Dee-Kay), one of Three Computers that watched over the colonists on their journey to their new home planet.